Issue 012: Designing for Michelle Obama, Heuristics, Finding Time

    Issue 12 August 15, 2020   And/Or talks us through the design direction behind The Michelle Obama Podcast   We’ve been enjoying the former First Lady’s podcast on Spotify. Matt Alagiah from It’s Nice That interviews the fine folks at And/Or on how they developed the brand identity for … Read more

Issue 011: LEGO UX, Dark Patterns, Birth of the Web

    Issue 11 August 9, 2020   The UX of LEGO Interface Panels   Design engineer/interaction technologist George Cave illustrates some UX fundamentals using the LEGO control panel bricks: Two studs wide and angled at 45°, the ubiquitous “2×2 decorated slope” is a LEGO minifigure’s interface to the world. These … Read more

Issue 010: Affordances, Forms, Tupperware Parties

    Issue 10 August 2, 2020   The things of everyday design   “Affordance” is one of those UX terms that gets thrown around a lot. But what are they and how do they help? Matthew Ström writes: Understanding affordances comes from a place of curiosity. This means questioning affordances … Read more

Issue 006: Milton Glaser, America’s 250th, Ganbaru

    Issue 6 July 5, 2020   Greetings friends. My apologies for missing last week’s issue. I just moved, and life is a bit hectic at the moment. With the July 4th holiday, I am going to try something a little different, and mix up the format to make this issue a bit shorter. … Read more

Issue 005: Agitprop, Bye to Racist CPG, Career Advice

    Issue 5 June 20, 2020   Progress is usually made incrementally. But at this moment, progress seems to be taking larger strides. It is our collective consciousness willing and fighting for social justice that is changing the world. It is through our conversations, art, side hustles, and vigilance. It is how we channel … Read more